–Nova’s Ash, Kip and Luttsy have fight on air: ‘He punched me’–Nova’s Ash, Kip and Luttsy have fight on air: ‘He punched me’


NOVA radio stars David “Luttsy” Lutteral and Kip Wightman came to blows on air yesterday during a heated argument about who came up with a joke first.

Earlier in a team meeting, the Brisbane breakfast radio hosts had been talking about social influencers and someone cracked the joke, “that term makes me sick, more like social influenza”.

During a chat on air yesterday, both Luttsy and Kip claimed they were the ones that came up with the joke. Their co-hosts, Ash Bradnam and Olympian Susie O’Neill, struggled to recall or care who had cracked the gag first.

Kip and Luttsy continued to argue about the joke both on air and off air for more than 20 minutes before tensions boiled over just before 9am.

Adamant it was his joke, Luttsy yelled at his co-hosts, “He’s gotta stop stealing ideas, ya just can’t get away with this.”

Kip took offence to the comment and said, “Oh get … don’t call me a fu**ing liar!”

It’s unclear what happened next, but after a few seconds of silence, Luttsy said, “He punched me!”

A Nova spokesperson however denies that there was any physical contact between the two stars.

The Nova breakfast show quickly cut to a song and Kip was noticeably absent for the last break of the show.

“He’s stormed out, he’s not happy,” Luttsy said about his co-host. “Is he serious? He shaped up at me.”

In the opening break of today’s show, Kip addressed the incident and apologised for his behaviour.

“Yesterday on the show I left the mics up and I made the mistake of using foul language,” he said.

“I apologise and I regret that. Furthermore when I had my integrity questioned I reacted aggressively and I also regret and apologise for that.”

Earlier this year Luttsy made national headlines when he accused Andy Lee of stealing his idea for the TV show, True Story with Hamish & Andy.

The radio host backtracked on air the next day and apologised.

“Some things were said on our breakfast radio program on Monday about Hamish and Andy that were pretty serious allegations about the concept of their program true story being stolen from me after a conversation between Andy and me in New York in December 2014,” Luttsy said in June.

“I fully accept now that that was not the case … Wrongly accusing someone of stealing material is one of the most offensive things someone can do in our industry.” – #1 – All News First!

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