–New hope to be Prime Minister of Australia–New hope to be Prime Minister of Australia


HE’S been a paparazzo and a mayor of Geelong.

Now Darryn Lyons has another dream — to be the Prime Minister of Australia one day.

Lyons, who loves “beer, pizza and the conquering people” told Nine’s current affairs program A Current Affair that he was “very passionate” and his time as mayor had been an “incredible cadetship or apprenticeship in the school of politics”.

Lyons, who runs a pizza empire in Victoria, was sacked from his position as mayor over bullying allegations last year, said everyone makes mistakes.

“We all make mistakes it’s [expletive] better to get up there and say you’ve made the mistake,” he said.

When Lyons’ hopes for the top job were compared to Donald Trump and his ability to become President of the United States, he said that people can be afraid to try new things.

“The problem is no one tries new things, look at Donald Trump trying a few new things, oh my god, … lets give him time to see,” he said.

In Lyons’ case, he said law and order would be a priority for him.

“The sentencing in this country has become a laughing stock,” he said.

On climate change, he said: “Talk about global warming. Forget about that it’s people warning we’ve got a problem with, jobs warming.”

On immigration, he said he was aware that “people want their borders secure”, and he wanted to also streamline bureaucracy to remove red tape.

“There’s too much overthinking done, too much political correctness when running countries, I don’t think it’s right,” he said.

Lyons also has a passion for his local area, and believes crime is getting out of control in Geelong.

He called for parents to go to “night school” if their child does something wrong.

“I was scared of a police officer when I was a young man,” he said.

“I don’t think kids of today are very frightened by police officers at all, and they should be, it’s down to respect.

Parents should require special training, … a night school to teach them how to parent.”

He also wanted to look at ways to free up congestion in Geelong’s CBD.

“You can’t really pigeonhole Darryn Lyons other than I could probably take a party by the scruff of the neck and change it,” he said. – #1 – All News First!

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