–Kate Middleton’s Green Dress to BAFTA More About Pregnancy Than Time’s Up...–Kate Middleton’s Green Dress to BAFTA More About Pregnancy Than Time’s Up Snub


Kate Middleton

Time Was Up for BAFTA Dress Change

… She’s Preggo, After All

2/19/2018 10:18 AM PST


Kate Middleton was fighting the clock when she put on her green gown for the BAFTA Awards — instead of black — and her pregnancy made a switch near impossible.

Royals expert Katie Nicholl — who wrote the book, “Kate: The Future Queen” — tells us the Duchess of Cambridge was in a “no-win situation” Sunday with her wardrobe choice. She was criticized for going against the suggested Time’s Up all-black dress code — but Nicholl says Kate’s dress was likely pre-ordered months ago and custom-made with her pregnancy in mind.

Point is … the dress would’ve been chosen way before the Time’s Up’s buzz began in late 2017, and would preclude a last-minute wardrobe change.

There’s also this — Nicholl says members of the Royal family are encouraged to avoid political statements. That could be at play, but taking a stand against sexual harassment — as tons of celebs have during award season — hardly seems like a controversial stance. 

So, we’re going maternity dress issues for the win. – All News First!

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