–Judith Regan Says O.J. Simpson’s Claim She Scripted Confession is Defamatory–Judith Regan Says O.J. Simpson’s Claim She Scripted Confession is Defamatory


Judith Regan

O.J. Defamed Me

How Dare He Say I Scripted Confession

3/14/2018 6:52 AM PDT


O.J. Simpson has defamed Judith Regan by suggesting she scripted his confession just so it would be more dramatic and she could make money … and Judith is now mulling over a possible lawsuit.

Regan’s lawyer, Jennifer McGrath, tells TMZ, her client is outraged by the claim of Simpson’s lawyer, who said her interview with Simpson was scripted and, “Mr. Simpson went along because quite frankly he got a lot of money up front to go along with this.”

McGrath tells TMZ it was Simpson who approached Regan to do the book and he was the one who insisted on calling it ‘If I Did It.’ As we reported, Regan has said Simpson’s lawyer contacted her and said O.J. wanted to call it “I Did It” but wanted deniability for the sake of his children.

McGrath goes on to say Regan didn’t write a single word of the book, and that “Simpson sat for the interview with Ms. Regan and spoke freely. To suggest that Ms. Regan is in any way responsible for Simpson’s sick and depraved comments is absurd, laughable and actionable.”

McGrath says Simpson’s attack on Regan is “malicious.”

By the way, Simpson’s lawyer claiming O.J. got money up front might be a problem if he hid the assets from the Goldman and Brown family. As you know, they have a $33.5 million judgment that has swelled to $70 million. – All News First!

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