–Jonathan Martin’s Alma Mater Harvard-Westlake High Files Restraining Order Against Him–Jonathan Martin’s Alma Mater Harvard-Westlake High Files Restraining Order Against Him


Jonathan Martin

Harvard-Westlake HS Files Restraining Order

3/1/2018 1:54 PM PST

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Ex-NFL player Jonathan Martin‘s alma mater wants to make sure he comes nowhere near the famous high school after his arrest with a shotgun.

Harvard-Westlake High School filed docs Thursday to get a restraining order against Martin. As we reported, police detained him last week after he posted a photo of a shotgun and ammo, and tagged the names of 2 former Harvard-Westlake classmates — as well as 2 of his Dolphins teammates, including Richie Incognito.

Out of precaution, the private school campus was shut down when Martin posted the photo. Police eventually located him and detained him. He was carrying a gun with him at the time the police caught up to him.

Martin was scheduled to undergo psychiatric evaluation. It is unclear if the judge has approved the restraining order. – All News First!

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