–Jared Fogle Can’t Ask Judge to Recuse Herself Just Because She’s a...–Jared Fogle Can’t Ask Judge to Recuse Herself Just Because She’s a Parent


Jared Fogle

You Can’t Ask a Judge to Step Down

Just ‘Cause She’s a Parent

2/26/2018 6:58 PM PST


Jared Fogle just got served another big L in court — his request to have a judge booted from his case just because she’s a mom was denied.

An Indiana appeals court turned thumbs down on Fogle’s motion to have Judge Tanya Walton Pratt removed from his child porn case — saying his arguments were ridiculous.

We broke the story … Fogle wanted his 15-year sentence set aside on grounds Judge Pratt was biased since she had teenage daughters

Welp … his argument fell flat. The ruling is clear as day … a request for recusal can only be grounded in a judge’s personal partiality toward a defendant, and not in their background or affiliation (aka family).

The ruling goes on  … “All judges in this court have children, as do countless other members of our nation’s judiciary … Requiring recusal solely because a judge is a parent would hamstring the judiciary and depart from precedent that requires specific indicia of bias towards a party.”

The court also shot down his argument about incorrectly allowing prosecutors to charge him with conspiracy, saying a request for recusal can’t be based just on unfavorable judicial rulings … regardless of correctness.

In other words … no dice, Fogle. Better luck next time. – All News First!

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