–Jalen Ramsey Slams Texas A&M & Jimbo Fisher, You Taught Me Nothing!–Jalen Ramsey Slams Texas A&M & Jimbo Fisher, You Taught Me Nothing!


Jalen Ramsey

Slams Texas A&M & Jimbo Fisher

… You Taught Me Nothing!

2/27/2018 6:47 AM PST

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Jacksonville Jaguars star Jalen Ramsey has a serious problem with Texas A&M using his image to recruit players — and he’s demanding the school cut that crap out, ASAP. 

The beef started Monday night over a new Texas A&M promotional ad trying to tout their new head coach, Jimbo Fisher (who formally coached at Florida State) as a defensive back guru who turned players like Ramsey into multi-millionaires.

The problem … Ramsey went to Florida State and doesn’t want to be used in an ad that helps A&M. Plus, he says Fisher didn’t teach him a DAMN THING about being a defensive back. 

In fact, Ramsey tweeted out to a Texas A&M tight ends coach on Monday night … saying, “Know I have nothing but respect for you Coach Brew but don’t use me on a poster for a school I didn’t go to & for a coach who didn’t teach me how to be a DB.”

He added, “He didn’t teach me not one DB technique… #ComeGetSomeRealTruth #GoNoles.”

New Orleans Saints player P.J. Williams — who also went to FSU — retweeted Ramsey and added, “True story!!”

So far, the poster is still up. – All News First!

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