–House of Cards writers scrambling to rewrite season 6–House of Cards writers scrambling to rewrite season 6


IT’S hard to be a fan of almost anything in Hollywood right now, but it sounds like being on the writing staff for House of Cards is on a whole other difficulty level.

Following the underage sexual assault allegations against actor Kevin Spacey and Netflix‘s subsequent decisions to suspend production of the political drama and fire Spacey, the Netflix writing staff is reportedly rushing to rewrite season six.

According to a report by CNN, House of Cards was already eight months into making the show’s sixth and final season when the allegations against Spacey came to light. The production is now in a difficult situation.

It’s unlikely that House of Cards will be cancelled before its final season, and Netflix has stated that Spacey will no longer be involved in its award-winning and critically-acclaimed series. So how do you end a show without its protagonist?

Thankfully, House of Cards as a whole is in a good position to let go of Spacey.

Season five ended with Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) becoming president of the United States and leaving her husband on the other end of a mobile phone, waiting to be pardoned. Writing Frank Underwood out of this story certainly won’t be easy but it’s definitely possible and believable.

There is another course the show can take that falls in line with the UK version of the series — killing Frank off. In the original version of House of Cards, Frank’s doppelganger dies in the final season.

The fate of the series rests with Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese, the new showrunners for the series. Gibson and Puglies replaced showrunner Beau Willimon after the series creator left after season four.

The new showrunners have yet to issue a statement on House of Cards’ future. Before the production was suspended, the show had filmed in the Baltimore area for roughly two weeks. As many of the show’s actors work on limited contracts and have limited time, it would be difficult to reshoot season six.

Adding to the complications, the suspension of House of Cards has already started affecting jobs in the Baltimore area.

It’s unclear what Netflix will do about House of Cards’ future. Will the streaming service proceed with a delayed season six or try to make its original deadline? Or will Netflix decide to pull the plug on the series altogether to instead focus on the show’s rumoured spin-off series? Insiders told CNN that cast and crew will know more about the future of House of Cards by late November. Until then, we’ll all just have to wait.

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