–Chrissy Teigen’s Scalloped Potatoes Made it Through TSA in Tupperware–Chrissy Teigen’s Scalloped Potatoes Made it Through TSA in Tupperware


Chrissy Teigen

My Potatoes Made it Through TSA …

But Not in a Casserole Dish

2/25/2018 10:37 AM PST


Chrissy Teigen called an audible on an airport carry-on that paid off big time — ’cause she was able to bring scalloped potatoes onto her flight without security gettin’ fussy. 

We got Chrissy heading into LAX Saturday, where just hours before she’d tweeted a very important question at American Airlines … is ceramic all good with TSA?

Luckily, both AA and TSA hit her back letting her know the potatoes were fine in her originally intended casserole dish … but it sounds like she switched up the container last minute.  

Maybe she wanted to play it safe with some good ol’ fashioned plastic. Whatever the reason … the grub got the all-clear, as she quickly pointed out on social media.

Chrissy did ditch a snack beforehand, though — pawning off some cookies on a photog before walking inside. Better safe than sorry … you can’t press your luck with this stuff. – All News First!

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