–Aly Raisman Sues U.S. Olympic Committe Over Nassar Sexual Abuse–Aly Raisman Sues U.S. Olympic Committe Over Nassar Sexual Abuse


Aly Raisman

Sues U.S. Olympic Committe

Over Nassar Sexual Abuse

3/2/2018 6:14 AM PST

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Team USA gymnastics star Aly Raisman is going after the U.S. Olympic Committee in court over the “serial molestation, sexual abuse and harassment” from Larry Nassar — saying USOC could have prevented it.

Raisman says she continues to suffer from depression, anxiety and fear stemming from the abuse she suffered at the hands of the former Team USA doctor. 

She also claims her psychological trauma includes “not trusting adult males.”

Raisman says in her docs she always thought Nassar was “weird” and questioned why she was told he was the “best gymnastics doctor in the world.” Once she realized his medical techniques were really sexual abuse, she felt “humiliation, guilt, shame and disgust.”

Raisman claims the USOC touts itself for being committed to “creating a safe and positive environment for athletes” … but failed by allowing Nassar to sexually assault dozens and dozens of female gymnasts.

One example … Raisman claims USOC did not provide properly trained medical professionals to supervise Nassar’s exams. 

She also says USOC concealed its knowledge of Nassar’s molestation of minor female gymnasts — despite the fact they knew as early as 2015. 

She’s suing for damages. 

Meanwhile, Nassar is locked up in an Arizona prison — where he’ll likely die. – All News First!

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