“GossBOSS.com”| The Duchess Of Cambridge Jokes That Prince William Is In Denial...

“GossBOSS.com”| The Duchess Of Cambridge Jokes That Prince William Is In Denial Over 3rd Child | newsCO



2018-02-27 18:57:23

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their third child in April, but it seems that one parent is a little less prepared than the other. 

During a visit to Evelina London Children’s Hospital on Tuesday, the former Kate Middleton let it slip that Prince William is not ready for baby No. 3.  

“I was saying, ‘Congratulations, best of luck with the third one.’ She said, ‘William’s in denial,’” Jamie Parsons, the father of a child currently receiving care at the hospital, told People magazine. 

Earlier this month, Prince William admitted that he is “going to be permanently tired” after the birth of the sister of Prince George and Princess Charlotte. 

“Two is fine — I don’t know how I’m going to cope with three,” he said at an event at Kensington Palace. “I’m getting as much sleep as I can.” 

When one attendee suggested that the duke and duchess have twins to save time on having another child, Prince William joked, “Twins? I think my mental health would be tested with twins.” 

Since the royals announced they were expecting their third child, rumors have swirled that the two are welcoming twins. 

Though we can’t predict whether they’ll have twins, we can say that the two will likely go with a “classic” name for their newborn. 

“If you look at the names of their two children ― 18th century Hanoverian names with George and Charlotte ― you see they’re very classic, very traditional,” Arianne Chernock, an associate professor of modern British history at Boston University, told HuffPost in a previous interview. “So I would expect them to maintain that deference to tradition. I don’t think they’re really going to make a radical choice.”

Stay tuned! 

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