“GossBOSS.com”| Gigi Hadid Almost Totally Wiped Out In Her Couture Gown |...

“GossBOSS.com”| Gigi Hadid Almost Totally Wiped Out In Her Couture Gown | newsCO



2017-11-14 21:09:25

Gigi Hadid’s career might be based on strutting her stuff, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t take tumbles like everyone else.

As the 22-year-old was leaving the Glamour Women of the Year Awards hand-in-hand with sister Bella Hadid, she caught herself from hitting the pavement — literally. The model, who looked stunning in a floor-length, gold embellished Zuhair Murad gown, was captured by the paparazzi getting her heels stuck in the fishnet dress’s hemline.

In true supermodel style, Gigi shook off the stumble and kept on moving.

Perhaps Gigi was still reeling from the excitement of receiving the Supernova Award earlier in the evening. In her emotional acceptance speech, she teared up thanking her family.

“To my amazing family whose spiritual and emotional support of me through my life has been my backbone,” she said. “My dad who was a refugee from Palestine and my mom who was just a Dutch farm girl. They worked so hard to make their dreams come true and I hope that you know that I honor you in my work ethic.”

“I’m so grateful for the life that you gave me,” Gigi gushed. “And for never letting my privilege be an excuse and that you always taught me your work ethic. I feel very grateful to be your daughter.”

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